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Using free classified ads sites for increasing business exposure and SEO

Even though classified ads have been in existence for a long time, most people, including businesses owners and services providers, are just learning about it and jumping on the trend.

Before the internet revolution began to change how we conduct business (chiefly advertisements), classified ads were published in newspapers and some magazines.

Back then, a section of the print media will be dedicated to classified ads. The ads are usually brief and occupied very little space on the newspaper page because advertisers were charged based on the number of words they had in their ads — So, it wasn’t unusual to see abbreviations in ads descriptions.

In addition to the limitation on word counts and space, print media classified ads rarely had pictures or any form of graphics.

Enters free online classified ads!

As more business transit into the digital world, classified ads are also not left behind. Unlike in the past, when classified ads were costly and rigid, present-day classified ads is digitized and offers more flexibility in managing ads.

Advertisers can now add relevant and attractive photos to their ads and even incorporate links that will lead potential clients to their sites and hopefully convert into sales.

Even though classified ads have diverse applications and can serve different purposes, one industry where it is gaining more traction is in the adult industry. With millions of people surfing the internet for adult contents and professional adult services, the industry has seen an enormous leap in the volume of adultsearch queries.

To cater to this increasing adultsearch demand, backlist24, a dynamic adult as posting site waded in to bridge the gap and connect adult services agencies and individuals to their target audience or market segment.

Are you looking for the best free classified ads site for erotic/adult contents?

If you are looking for professional adult entertainment and services such as female escorts, TS escorts and massage parlors, search no more because you just found the classified site similar to those on eros guide.

Backlist24 offers erotic and adult listing similar to eros guide

You will find listings for female escorts, strippers, strip clubs, adult jobs, male escorts, cam girls, Dom and fetish and other adult entertainment similar to eros guide.

In addition to professional adult services, Backlist24 also has categories to cater to erotic advertisements for adult dating. Some popular listings under Backlist24 adult dating category include transgender, women seeking women (lesbians), men seeking women, men seeking men (gays).

Because there are thousands of people searching Backlist24 for professional escorts and adult ads, posting your ads similar to eros guide on Backlist24 escort directory will significantly increase your chances of connecting with people interested in your services.

Backlist24 takes its clients’ privacy seriously

You don’t have to lose sleep over any third party getting access to your personal information or ad page on Backlist24. As an established adult classified site similar to eros guide, Backlist24 has a strict no-spam policy and non-disclosure that protects escorts and sex workers identity.

How to use Backlist24 adult classified site for SEO

If you have a blog or website where you make money, you leverage adult SEO sites like Backlist24 to drive traffic to your site. This can be done by posting your ads similar to eros guide listing on Backlist24 classified escorts and adult directory.

However, while posting your adult ads on classified adult sites, you should consider adding your website link into your ads content to enable prospective customers to reach you easily. Having backlinks to your website will help boost your ranking on search engines — which is good for SEO.